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Chemicals Plus as a chemical distributor is focused on developing a flexible business model that allows us connect with high quality global manufacturer and offer those products directly to industrial manufacturer in  Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Working directly with industrial manufactures they can plan they purchases and logistic procces with guarantee of supply and improving their cost in more than 30% in average.

Chemicas Plus have all the experience and worldwide connections to identify and connect with top high quality manufacturer to ensure the best products for our clients. Our staff have an stronger knowledge about Latin American Market and can advise them about their best option for purchasing.

Our staff is highly trained and certified in handling hazardous materials in compliance with IMDG Dangerous Goods Regulations for maritime shipments and in compliance with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations for air shipments.

For our customers in Venezuela we offer advice on their import procedures because our team have extensive knowledge of customs laws in Venezuela, government standards and rules for import and handling chemicals. Also we can handle all the logistic process inside the country with a service door to door.

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